Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my learning journey

Am so excited being apart of the DADAMAC self directed learner. I came in as a newbie but today am a know it. i have learnt so many skills like opening of an email address, skype, you-tube, editing pictures and videos etc. All thanks to victor who invited me, fantsuam, Mr john dada, pam from UK, kelechi, and Emmanuel for being there as a bossom friend.Remain bless!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

teachers journal at madakiya

Teaching in Government Secondary School(GSS) madakiya has been good and bad. I have had a lot of experience right from the first day i discovered that students were not so much interested in Education,because teachers are being posted to this village Madakiya but they are not regarded either by the students nor their parents.I also discovered that there was indiscipline,when a student commit an offence and he/she is being punished before you will know it the whole villagers will be in the school premises to beat up that teacher concern. so to cut the long story short, i have learnt how life in the village could be so furstrating but am here to build up leaders of tomorow which i must do because i have made up my mind to do that and i will not give